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Series 1: Episodes 1 to 7

You can learn a lot about South Indian history and South Indian mythology from this series. We hope you enjoy these short excerpts from our animated folk tale.

Episode 1: In the Beginning

The Goddess Parvati creates nine farmer-brothers. A Chola king gives them land in Ponnivala. Lord Shiva curses the eldest due to the death of some cows.

Episode 2: A Young Orphan

To lessen the impact of his curse, Lord Shiva hides a baby under some stones. Found by Kolatta, the boy is loved. The couple die and the young boy is orphaned.

Episode 3: A Long Exile

The orphan is treated badly by clansmen and runs from place to place. He is mistreated by many but summons his courage. He is a survivor.

Episode 4: A Love Match

Finally the orphan boy is adopted by a rich farmer where he works as a shepherd. He grows up, then falls in love with the little sister of his masters.

Episode 5: A Magical Marriage

Lord Vishnu tells the shepherd orphan he is eligible to marry the girl he loves. They marry but her family banishes them. They leave for ancestral Ponnivala.

Episode 6: Roasted Seeds

The young couple reclaim one field from their rival clansmen who try to undercut them by giving them roasted seeds to sow. Lord Vishnu helps them out.

Episode 7: A Thousand Beggars

The roasted seeds grow, but there are more tricks. When jewels replace the maize grains, the Queen gives this new wealth to beggars. Lord Vishnu replenishes it.



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