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Series 1: Episodes 8 to 13

Episode 8: A Cruel Curse

The King and Queen rebuild their palace. At the celebration the Chola monarch gives them honours. But the Queen is barren, and worried about the future.

Episode 9: The Counter Curse

The Queen wants to visit her brothers. Against her husband’s advice she goes, and is not well received. In revenge she curses their family.

Episode 10: The Pillar of Self-Destruction

The Queen visits the Goddess Kali where her brothers beg forgiveness. She removes the curse. Tamarai is still greatly troubled. Lord Vishnu offers help.

Episode 11: The Pilgrim’s Journey

The couple narrowly escape a death plot by crafty artisans and clansmen. The Queen is still barren. Lord Vishnu promises her children in return for many good deeds.

Episode 12: The Gates of Heaven

The King and Queen undertake a long pilgrimage and meet with many adventures. The King has to stop. The Queen reaches heaven’s gate alone.

Episode 13: The Book of Fate

The Queen undergoes a long penance. Lord Shiva has her die seven times, then places three magical children in her womb. The couple returns home.

End of Series 1