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Series 2: Episodes 14 to 20

Episode 14: The Temple Secret

A scheming midwife tries to kill the Queen’s two newborn sons. A goddess rescues them. A third baby, a girl, is cared for in the palace.

Episode 15: The Truth Unveiled

The family’s clansmen attack the Ponnivala palace and send the King, Queen, and baby girl into exile. They flee to a forest area ruled by hill tribesmen.

Episode 16: The Homecoming

The Ponnivala family are reunited with their sons Ponnar and Shankar and return to their former palace. The boys learn horsemanship and dicing. They grow up to age 15.

Episode 17: Chastity Forever

The two sons get married, but lock up their brides forever. Their sister Tangal lives with them. Their parents die and they become the new rulers of Ponnivala.

Episode 18: An Overlord Angered

The two young rulers beat their clansmen for past wrongs and exile them. These men complain to the Chola King. He demands tribute from Ponnivala.

Episode 19: Independence Won

Only one brother takes tribute to the Chola. He is jailed. The second brother arrives. Together they kill the monarch and Ponnivala’s independence is won.

Episode 20: Two Swords Blessed

Tangal requests a pet parrot for company. Her brothers agree and prepare the nets needed for the hunt. The girl then changes her mind due to a vision.