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Series 2: Episodes 21 to 26

Episode 21: A Kidnapping Spree

There is a parrot hunt, complete with a tiger and cobra fight. The brothers capture one parrot but its male companion complains to the Forest Princess.

Episode 22: A New Challenger

An artisan tricks one brother but eventually is killed. His hunter friends try to take revenge. The two brothers win a pitched battle and reach home safely.

Episode 23: The Enemy Confronted

A wild boar goes walkabout and uproots rice paddies. He challenges the two Ponnivala kings. A war drum is raised and readied for battle.

Episode 24: A Curse Revealed

Tangal asks for signs as her brothers leave for the boar hunt. Her pet dog, left behind, curses the Ponnivala kings. They lie sick in their war tent.

Episode 25: The Great Sacrifice

The warrior brothers apologize and the curse is lifted. Komban the Boar is killed. Lord Vishnu now sides with the hunters. The brothers gift their lives to Lord Shiva

Episode 26: An Epoch Ends

Seeing signs, Tangal knows her brothers are dead. She burns the palace, finds and revives her brothers, has pavilions built, and all rise to Heavean.

End of Series 2