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Additional Characters: Supporting Characters


Shambuga serves as First Minister under Ponnar and Shankar. He is also a wrangler, a warrior, and a trickster. Often sent on difficult errands, he is very clever in outwitting opponents. At one point he uses a horn to lull an attacking wild boar to sleep. Shambuga is exceptionally loyal, deciding to die beside his two masters once they take their own lives. As a comic hero, he drinks prodigiously and wears a huge, oversized turban.


Viratangal is Tangal’s forest counterpart and her powerful rival. As her name suggests, she is a kind of mirror image, the vira or “fierce” Tangal. Viratangal is protected by a large group of hunter-brothers. The wild boar Komban is her pet, and the parrots that live in her family’s great banyan tree are her close friends. Their mountain domain is guarded by the Vettuva brothers, men Lord Vishnu leads in a final war against the heroes.