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Additional Characters: The Goddesses


Celatta is the local form of Parvati. She looks after the fertile lands of Ponnivala and is a symbol of their good stewardship. She expects daily worship and a caring attitude towards her lands. She is a kind of environmental thermometer. When she is happy the land is flourishing. When she is angry the land is undergoing famine or other calamities. Essentially, Ponnivala’s abundance and the wellbeing of this local goddess are one.


Parvati is the great goddess, wife of Lord Shiva. Bundled within her are a variety of creative powers. Her key responsibility is to protect and nurture all that grows and lives on Earth. She is the energy behind fertility and a guardian of abundance. In family terms, Parvati is Lord Vishnu’s sister. As such, she often mediates between Shiva and Vishnu, as these two powerful brothers-in-law tussle over matters of cosmic control.


Kali is another form of the great goddess Parvati. Her focus is on justice rather than on cosmic abundance. And she takes a special interest in abused or suffering women. For example, Kali helps Tangal’s counterpart Viratangal after a female parrot is stolen from the Vettuvas’ forest. She also helps the tiny dog, Ponnacci, when this female is slighted by her masters. Kali can call upon fire and is a dangerous goddess to approach.