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Family Characters; The First Generation

Aryanacci — The Grandmother

Ariyanacci is a forthright woman and good field worker. She accompanies her husband when he has to seek work in a neighbouring kingdom. She is a solid wage earner who makes a substantial contribution to the family’s welfare. She also gracefully accepts her barrenness and is happy and supportive when her husband brings home a small babe he has found in a back field. She raises the child with loving care.

Kolatta — The Grandfather

Kolatta is a pioneer, a farmer, and an exceptionally hard worker. His loyal service earns Kolatta and his wife a significant land grant; a territory known as Ponnivala. But Kolatta, eager to protect his fine crops, makes one serious mistake; without enough research, he builds a spiked fence on which seven cows meet their deaths. This angers Lord Shiva who sends a curse of barrenness, affilcting the entire Ponnivala family for generations.