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Family Characters: The Third Generation

Ponnar — The Elder Brother

Ponnar is the elder of a set of twin boys born to Tamarai. He is understood to be a reincarnation of the famous Arjuna, a great hero in the epic story the Mahabharata. Ponnar is an even more reluctant warrior than his legendary ancestor. He is a kind and gentle soul, preoccupied with the welfare of his sister, brother, and entire family. He is obedient and remembers his father’s dying wishes. Ponnar is overshadowed by his younger and more aggressive twin Shankar.

Shankar — The Younger Brother

Shankar is the younger male twin born to Tamarai. Understood to be a reincarnation of Bhima, an exceptionally strong and fiery-tempered hero in the Mahabharata story, Shankar is true to this ancestry. He is a man focused on war and on combatting those he believes to be wrong-doers. Shankar decides to renounce all contact with females in order to enhance his fighting prowess. He dominates and directs his twin brother.

Tangal — The Sister

Tangal is born just moments after her twin brothers Ponnar and Shankar, making the three triplets. This girl is dreamy and quiet but full of supernatural power. She is a reincarnation of one Kannimar, a mythological group of seven sisters that are alternately benevolent and malevolent. Tangal sees into the future easily. She does many magical and amazing things, including flying on a goose and reviving her brothers from death.