Now Available in North America: The Legend of Ponnivala on DVD! By popular demand, the first volume of The Legend of Ponnivala is available on DVD. The first three stunning episodes in both English and Tamil. CLICK HERE to find out more!

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The Project

The Legend of Ponnivala is an ancient epic from South India. Originally sung by Tamil bards in the Kongunadu region of South India, this tale is at least five hundred years old. It tells the history of the Kongu region, but is no mere folk tale...

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The Story

Our team has taken the ancient Annanmar Kathai and retold the tale in vibrant colour. Using traditional 2D art stylings and modern digital technology, we've built a complete graphic novel and animated series in both English and Tamil...

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Watch a Trailer

Critical and audience acclaim for the 26-episode animated series has brought The Legend of Ponnivala to television screens and desktops via streaming video around the world. Watch trailers and clips, and see what all the buzz is about...

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What people are saying...

I practically devoured all of these books in one day. I'd recommend this book for everyone, really: kids, adults, seniors; it's an amazing tale that will attract readers of all ages.

Renuka Murthi Age 11

The Legend of Ponnivala on DVD! Three full episodes in high-definition. Order yours today!