Our Traveling Exhibition

This is an 8 foot tall and 21 feet wide display wall featuring the Legend of Ponnivala story. Each grouping of images seen on the wall depicts one episode in the story. This is a great story telling device that can be used to feature this great legend at public events, in workshop settings or be installed as a decorative addition in any large library foyer or museum space. We have mobile audio units that viewers can use to listen to the story as they look carefully at the individual images.  Contact us if you would like to set up such a display.

Our Mobile School Panels

This is a seven foot high set of seven independent panels. They can be placed in one long row (as seen here) or set up individually and any number of patterns (circular, in two or three segments set at right angles, etc.) Each panel is three feet wide and is supported by its own collapsible aluminum standing brace. We use this display frequently in our school presentations. The set is light weight and easily transported.  It is available for rent or for purchase. Contact us if you are interested in using it.

We can also arrange for Dramatic Performances featuring various parts of the story. Our dramas feature traditional folk or “street style” actors, costumes and movements. Contact us if you are interested in a booking.

The President’s Desk

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