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About Us

Located near Toronto, Ontario, just outside the city of Peterborough, the Ponnivala team is dedicated to bringing The Legend of Ponnivala to the widest possible audience. Using local, regional, and global talent, a wide range of technical and artistic skills, and the latest production and communications technology, we’re pleased to be able to bring this ancient South Indian epic to the world.

Our efforts include not only the production of an unprecedented 26-part animated series and both printed and electronic versions of our graphic novels in several languages, but also the creation of games for children based on the epic legend, extensive study guides for teachers, and in-class lesson plans for relating a variety of other subjects through the content of the story. Shorter excerpted videos have been created for festival and presentation use–some as brief as ten minutes. Each episode has smaller themes to explore.

Our work stands as a fantastic set of learning materials. It is a collection that has much to teach about South Indian culture and history. It incorporates lessons about the wider world of social studies, geography, and politics. And it stands on its own as great entertainment for all ages.

Find out where this legend comes from…and where it’s going!