Episode 1: In the beginning

The Goddess Parvati creates nine farmer-brothers. A Chola king gives them land in Ponnivala. Lord Shiva curses the eldest due to the death of some cows.

Episode 2: A Young Orphan

To lessen the impact of his curse, Lord Shiva hides a baby under some stones. Found by Kolatta, the boy is loved. The couple die and the young boy is orphaned.

Episode 3: A Long Exile

The orphan is treated badly by clansmen and runs from place to place. He is mistreated by many but summons his courage. He is a survivor.

Episode 4: A Love Match

Finally the orphan boy is adopted by a rich farmer where he works as a shepherd. He grows up, then falls in love with the little sister of his masters.

Episode 5: A Magical Marriage

Lord Vishnu tells the shepherd orphan he is eligible to marry the girl he loves. They marry but her family banishes them. They leave for ancestral Ponnivala.

Episode 6: Roasted Seeds

The young couple reclaim one field from their rival clansmen who try to undercut them by giving them roasted seeds to sow. Lord Vishnu helps them out.

Episode 7: A Thousand Beggars

The roasted seeds grow, but there are more tricks. When jewels replace the maize grains, the Queen gives this new wealth to beggars. Lord Vishnu replenishes it.

Episode 8: A Cruel Cursr

The King and Queen rebuild their palace. At the celebration the Chola monarch gives them honours. But the Queen is barren, and worried about the future.

Episode 9: The Counter Curse

The Queen wants to visit her brothers. Against her husband’s advice she goes, and is not well received. In revenge she curses their family.

Episode 10: The Pillar of self-destruction

The Queen visits the Goddess Kali where her brothers beg forgiveness. She removes the curse. Tamarai is still greatly troubled. Lord Vishnu offers help.

Episode 11: The Pilgrim's Journey

The couple narrowly escape a death plot by crafty artisans and clansmen. The Queen is still barren. Lord Vishnu promises her children in return for many good deeds.

Episode 12: The Goats of heaven

The King and Queen undertake a long pilgrimage and meet with many adventures. The King has to stop. The Queen reaches heaven’s gate alone.

Episode 13: The Book of fate

The Queen undergoes a long penance. Lord Shiva has her die seven times, then places three magical children in her womb. The couple returns home.

Episode 14: The Temple Secret

A scheming midwife tries to kill the Queen’s two newborn sons. A goddess rescues them. A third baby, a girl, is cared for in the palace.

Episode 15: The Truth Unveiled

The family’s clansmen attack the Ponnivala palace and send the King, Queen, and baby girl into exile. They flee to a forest area ruled by hill tribesmen.

Episode 16: The Homecoming

The Ponnivala family are reunited with their sons Ponnar and Shankar and return to their former palace. The boys learn horsemanship and dicing. They grow up to age 15.

Episode 17: Chastity Forever

The two sons get married, but lock up their brides forever. Their sister Tangal lives with them. Their parents die and they become the new rulers of Ponnivala.

Episode 18: An Overlord Angered

The two young rulers beat their clansmen for past wrongs and exile them. These men complain to the Chola King. He demands tribute from Ponnivala.

Episode 19: Independence Won

Only one brother takes tribute to the Chola. He is jailed. The second brother arrives. Together they kill the monarch and Ponnivala’s independence is won.

Episode 20: Two Swords Blessed

Tangal requests a pet parrot for company. Her brothers agree and prepare the nets needed for the hunt. The girl then changes her mind due to a vision.

Episode 21: A Kidnapping Spree

There is a parrot hunt, complete with a tiger and cobra fight. The brothers capture one parrot but its male companion complains to the Forest Princess.

Episode 22: A New Challenger

An artisan tricks one brother but eventually is killed. His hunter friends try to take revenge. The two brothers win a pitched battle and reach home safely.

Episode 23: The Enemy Confronted

A wild boar goes walkabout and uproots rice paddies. He challenges the two Ponnivala kings. A war drum is raised and readied for battle.

Episode 24: A Curse Reserved

Tangal asks for signs as her brothers leave for the boar hunt. Her pet dog, left behind, curses the Ponnivala kings. They lie sick in their war tent.

Episode 25: The Great Sacrifice

The warrior brothers apologize and the curse is lifted. Komban the Boar is killed. Lord Vishnu now sides with the hunters. The brothers gift their lives to Lord Shiva.

Episode 26: An Epoch Ends

Seeing signs, Tangal knows her brothers are dead. She burns the palace, finds and revives her brothers, has pavilions built, and all rise to Heavean.